Nobody Likes Vista. Except 40 Million Users

Reports of the unpopularity of Microsoft Windows Vista operating system are widespread -- and according to Bill Gates -- wrong. Forty million copies have been sold already, which is faster than the sales rate for Windows XP. That already exceeds  the entire number of people using anything offered by Microsoft's main competitiors.

Gates also announced several new partners for its Windows Home Server product, including Gateway and Medion. Microsoft has already said HP will have home servers based on the technology later this year.

Gates said Windows Home Server will launch in the autumn. He also said smaller computer makers, known as system builders, will be able to build products based on Windows Home Server. Microsoft has positioned the product as a central repository for media such as photos, movies and music as well as a more seamless way to back up PCs in the home.

Someone's buying Vista. Forty million someones so far. Just not the people telling Dell what kind of Linux to offer that they won't buy anyway and posting "Vista is a bust" messages on Slashdot from an Apple laptop, I guess. 
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