No Shortage of Wiis? Fake It, Instead

Naturally the Wii is a hot sell, and if it's the last one in the store, even hotter.  But telling buyers over and over again that the last one is for sale, that's ridiculous.

A reader over at Consumerist says he watched an employee at a Princeton, NJ, Best Buy carry a Wii over his head, proclaiming that it was the last one in the store; an eager customer snapped it up within minutes. Then, about half an hour happened all over again. Hmmmm! Here's more from the suspicious reader:

I overheard two manager-types (one in a suit, the other a yellow shirt) discussing it, the suit asking, "Did Julie sell that Wii, yet? How long?" And then, "Wait 40 minutes and send out the next one."

And we all thought Best Buy had reformed after its nice move of giving buyers of the sold-out Toshiba HD-A2 A3s instead, when it couldn't fulfill the orders.  Dang.

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