No Shortage Of Reports Of Component Shortages

Another day, another report of tight supply of finished electronic goods due to shortages of lowly but vital components like IC chips and printed circuit boards. According to Digitimes, Nintendo will have to continue to delay expanding production of its wildly popular Wii gaming console because of  component shortages.

With the delay of its plans, any easing of the Wii shortages in the worldwide market is unlikely to be seen in the second half of 2007, said the component makers.

Since Nintendo launched Wii in November 2006, the company has only introduced the games console in select regions such as the US, Japan, Europe and Australia. Worldwide accumulated shipments of Wii totaled 9.27 million units by June 2007, according to sources.

The original target date for expansion was back in June. A lot of people worldwide are still waiting for their first opportunity to chuck their controller through their screen.  Hey Nintendo, I've still got my soldering iron around somewhere. How much do you pay for a loaded circuit board?