No Man’s Sky In Stunning 4K With All IQ Settings Cranked Is Gorgeous

no mans sky 4k geforce com pc screenshot 003
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months or so, you know that today marks the official PC launch of No Man’s Sky. The game launched for the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday (and has endured a few controversies along the way), but now PC gaming folks can enjoy the epic space adventure in glorious 4K resolutions.

NVIDIA of course is hyped about the game and has posted some screenshots of the game with maxed out in detail settings running — of course — in 4K. Needless to say, the shots are stunning:

no mans sky 4k geforce com pc screenshot 002
no mans sky 4k geforce com pc screenshot 001

You can simply hop on over to Steam and download the game, where it will set you back $59.99. And based on Sean Murray’s Twitter commentary, it appears as though droves of PC gamers have already been bitten by the No Man’s Sky bug:

When the game was initially released for the PlayStation 4, a massive “day one” patch brought with it some critical fixes and changed to the game’s mechanics, increased the size of galaxies 10x, and added new pathways in the game (among other things). "If you had an early copy somehow, your save game will technically work post update, but you will miss out on new content and experiences if you don’t delete your save before updating (should be obvious why from notes below),” wrote developer Hello Games when announcing the 1.03 patch. “We highly recommend deleting your save if you have played before updating your game (we won’t do this in future, but it’s a day zero update).”

no mans sky pc graphics settings

One PlayStation 4 gamer, who obviously doesn’t have any qualms about blowing money, paid $1,300 to secure a copy of the game days before release. And with copies of the game floating out in the wild, some sites decided to break the embargo and post their thoughts on the game ahead of schedule. Hello Games didn’t take too kindly to these actions, and pleaded with gamers to wait for the No Man’s Sky’s official release (and the 1.03 patch) before making any hasty decisions about the game.

More recently, some gamers found a loophole in the game that allows them to collect rare items and advance through the game with ease by taking advantage of the savegame system. This glitch will no doubt be fixed in a future update.