No Man's Sky Glitch Lets Unscrupulous Players Cheat Their Way To Riches And Victory

No Man’s Sky has only been out for two days on the Playstation 4 and comes out tomorrow on the PC. The developer has already released a few patches, but players are already exploiting the game’s lingering loopholes.

Gamers have found ways to quickly obtain rare items and finish the game. One player was able to obtain five Atlas Stones, a rare game item, in around half an hour. This process should have taken at least ten times as long.

No Mans Sky at at

What exactly is the glitch? We will not divulge all the game’s secrets, but here is the gist. When a person dies, the game lets the player reclaim their ship’s inventory. If the player reloads a previous save, however, they basically double what they have. They will need to have the items in their inventory and have available spaces.

Hello Games has worked really hard to keep spoilers from cropping up on the internet. One superfan paid $1,300 for an early release of the game, and then posted gameplay on the internet. Hello Games warned potential players to not watch the video, but the company became particularly irritated when a couple of websites decided to post their opinions before the game was released.

No Mans Sky Ships

Many websites that posted their opinions about the leaked footage were informed that they would not be receiving review copies of the game. Polygon is one site that decided to post its thoughts on the game early and even went to so far as to post an one-hour gameplay video. The video has since been removed after a DMCA threat from Sony. Now that the game has been released, gameplay videos are of course, fair game.

But you could always wait to play the game yourself and do so without cheating…but this would not be the internet without a few spoilers. So, have you played No Man’s Sky? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.