No Man’s Sky Next Trailer Teases Multiplayer Mode And Fleet Command

Fans of the vast game No Man’s Sky have a new update coming next week that is called “Next”, and will bring with it some major additions to the game. This update adds a full multiplayer experience that allows players to team up with friends and random players to reach their goals. The Next update also brings with it the ability to play the game in first- or third-person view.

NoMansSky Next

Perhaps the coolest of the new features in the update is the ability to become a fleet commander. With that ability, players can command a fleet of ships as they explore the universe. The update also brings with it a significant update for the game’s visuals. 

New planetary rings and improved space visuals will make space “more beautiful than ever” and the planetary terrain generation has been updated. Textures for ground, water, and clouds have been improved while ships, NPCs, and buildings have significantly more detail. The multiplayer update allows you to fight against or with friends and strangers, and brings character customization so you can change your character's appearance.

Unlimited base building is supported allowing you to build a base on any planet. The complexity and size limit of your base is enhanced and there are hundreds of new base parts to choose from. Players are also allowed to own multiple bases. The ability to assemble a fleet of frigates and command them from your freighter allows players to send their ships out into the universe or deploy them as you explore a specific star system will be the highlight of the update for many.

The No Man’s Sky Next update will land for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on July 24. The update is free for owners of the game on PC and PS4. It’s unclear if the update will cost Xbox One players money but that seems unlikely considering the update is free for PC and PS4.