No Man's Sky 5th Anniversary Video Teases Highly Anticipated Frontiers Update

no mans sky free dlc update teased
Exactly five years ago, No Man’s Sky launched to the world with a less than stellar start by many accounts. However, years of hard work and patches have turned things around to make No Man's Sky a stellar game and story. Now, the group behind the game, Hello Games, is celebrating the anniversary and teasing a new expansion to come.

On August 9th, 2016, No Man’s Sky stumbled out of the gate, as we explained it, and was plagued with game-breaking issues. Many players were also quite disappointed with the features at the time, which would soon be rectified with updates and patches. Since the early days, though, there have been 16 different named updates bringing features and fixes to the player base. Now, there is a 17th update just over the horizon.

In the video celebrating the story and anniversary of No Man’s Sky, we see a teaser at the end for an update called Frontiers. Outside of two crescent moons decorating the letters, we know nothing about this update for now, but it could be quite exciting. There is the potential for an overhaul of the exploration part of the game, or it could be something new entirely.

We will have to see what happens, but Sean Murray, Hello Games founder, stated in a PlayStation blog that the update is “a missing piece of the sci-fi fantasy that we’ve always wanted to add, and very fitting for our fifth anniversary.” Hopefully, we will find out more about the Frontiers update very shortly, as Murray also claimed, so stay tuned to HotHardware for No Man’s Sky news.