Nintendo U.K. Currently Isn't Playing Ball On Free Switch Joy-Con Repairs

Some Nintendo Switch owners have been having a hard time with their Joy-Con controllers due to an issue described as "controller drift." The drift phenomena is where the controllers sense movement, and make characters on-screen move, even when the analog sticks aren't being touched. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo over the issue in America. Nintendo vowed this week to fix any Joy-Con drift issues free of charge, but reports indicate that Nintendo U.K. isn't playing ball.

nintendo switch console joycon

There has been no change in policy inside the U.K. when it comes to repairing Joy-Con controllers suffering from the drift issue. Reports from Switch users in the U.K. have included screenshots of chat sessions where Nintendo service personnel are saying they haven't been advised of authorization for free repairs or refunds.

Gamers in the U.S. who paid to have their Joy-Con controllers fixed are eligible for refunds per Nintendo. One user said that when he asked Nintendo's U.K. customer service about free repairs, the staff said, "Unfortunately not... A statement was released by Nintendo of America acknowledging known issues with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. Our Nintendo U.K. process remains the same - to provide recommended troubleshooting."

The application of free repairs seems haphazardly enforced across Europe. One user in The Netherlands says that Nintendo offered free repairs for their Joy-Con controllers. In that case, the user says that Nintendo covered the cost of shipping, just as it does in the States. Some speculate that Nintendo regions outside the States may have not been informed of the change in policy yet. Nintendo America hasn't publicly acknowledged the shift in policy. The free repair and refund offer may only be offered in the U.S. because of the class-action suit that is pending there.