Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Adds Princess Daisy, New World And A Steep Price Cut

Fans of the mobile game Super Mario Run will be thrilled to hear that on September 29 a new update is set to land and that update will bring some goodies to the game in terms of new game modes and content. The biggest gem is a new character in the form of Nintendo's Princess Daisy and she brings with her a new double-jump ability. That ability especially will give gamers new ways to collect coins when they play the game.


Princess Daisy will also bring some new ways to play Toad Rally. You don't simply get to choose Princess Daisy from the character list and go play, you have to unlock her by playing a new mode called Remix 10. The description says that this mode will have players completing sections from ten different existing Super Mario Run levels in succession.

princess peach

On each of those sections you will have rainbow-medals to collect and collecting them will both allow players to get new items to decorate the Mushroom Kingdom and allows the opportunity to unlock Princess Daisy. A new world is also coming in the update and that new world will contain nine new levels with new enemies and more coins for players to collect.

To unlock the new world, you do have to complete Worlds 1-6. The update also puts Mario and other in-game characters in headphones, if you have music playing in the background. Along with the update, will also come a steep discount on the in-app purchase of the game. Gamers can purchase Super Mario Run at a substantial at 50% off during the first two weeks that the update is available. Super Mario Run is a free download, but if you want the full game you have to buy it in-app.

As of now only the Apple App Store is showing a listing teasing the launch of the update, there is no mention on Google Play. That means we aren't sure right now if the update will come to Android devices next week. It did take a long time after the game originally launched on iOS to land for Android gamers, so there is a chance this update will follow that same path. Super Mario Run for Android landed back in March of 2017, but the game launched first on iOS in December of 2016. The hefty discount on unlocking the full game just might entice gamers to buy, however. Back in January the game had been downloaded 78 million times with only 5% paying to unlock.