Nintendo Switch System Software Footage Leaked Thanks To Retailer Preorder Gaffe

It shouldn't be too shocking to learn that there are many people anxious to get their mitts on Nintendo's Switch console, and thanks to one retailer that didn't check its calendar carefully, many people are now envious of one lucky customer who managed to get their unit a full two weeks early.

That lucky user is Hiphoptherobot, who happens to frequent popular gaming site NeoGAF and decided to show off his unexpected wares. In a three-minute video posted to Vidme, Hiphoptherobot shows us what we can expect to see after powering on the Switch tablet for the first time. While there's not a lot to be surprised by, we do at least get to see the job Nintendo has done with the software aesthetics.

Nintendo Switch OS

After turning on the Switch for the first time, the language will need to be selected, and an agreement agreed to. Following that, users need to take the device online, set a date, connect to a TV, and configure the Joy-con controllers. Interestingly, the controllers need to be removed during setup, which could be done as a way to simply get people familiar with them from the get-go.

After the initial setup is complete, a user (or multiple users) can be created with preselected avatars, and before long, the user will be at the "desktop".

Overall, the interface looks clean and modern, although some might have a beef with the fact that a sound seems to be emitted with every single minor action. Those sounds can likely be disabled in the settings, which Hiphoptherobot also dives into. Notably, there's an option to change the theme from black to white, or vice versa, but that's as far as themes go right now (hopefully they'll be expanded in the future).

Also worth noting is that the 32GB device out-of-the-box has 25.9GB of storage free. That's a small amount of storage in today's market, but chances are good that most Nintendo Switch games are not going to be as weighty as their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One brethren. In the event more storage is needed, the Switch's SDXC slot can handle cards up to 2TB in size.

Nintendo's Switch is slated to land on March 3rd, with a retail price of $299.99 USD.