Nintendo Switch Sales Already 1.5 Million In Japan, Outpacing PS4’s Epic Debut

Whether here or abroad, the Nintendo Switch is the hottest selling console around. With regards to the latter, Nintendo has unloaded no less than 1.5 million Switch game systems in its home country of Japan since the console's release in March. To put that into perspective, the Switch is significantly outpacing the PlayStation 4's debut, which took more than twice as long to record 1.5 million sales.

Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle

Nintendo achieved the feat with its Switch console in just 26 weeks. Its remarkable debut was bolstered by 86,000 console sales for the week ending August 27, which was helped in part by console bundles for Monster Hunter XX and Splatoon 2. That represents and whopping 268 percent week-over-week increase in console sales. At the current pace, the Switch is set to become Japan's next major console.

As for the PS4, it took Sony 69 weeks to sell 1.5 million units in Japan. Like the Switch, the PS4 came out of the gate with strong sales—more than 300,000 units sold in the first week, followed by over 60,000 more in the second week. But after in weeks three and beyond, PS4 sales tapered offer at a much faster clip than the Switch. For example, in week four the Switch notched 78,441 sales versus the PS4 dropping to 29,677 units. And in week 7, the Switch held steady with 45,673 units sold, while the PS4 had dropped to 13,401 units.

Perhaps it is the scarcity of the Switch console that is helping it to remain popular. Nintendo simply has not been able to produce enough Switch systems to satisfy demand, and while conspiracy theorists believe it is an intentional shortage to drive up demand, the sales figures suggest otherwise. Simply put, the Switch is the fastest selling console in Nintendo's history.

Either way, this is good news for Nintendo. It continues to grow its install base, which makes the Switch an increasingly popular platform for developers. One of the criticisms with the Switch's launch is that its games catalog was pretty slim. Outside of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an excellent title in its own right, there was not much to get excited over. That has changed since launch, and with these types of sales figures, we expect the games catalog to receive even more attention going forward.