Nintendo Switch OLED Restock: Where To Buy The Handheld Console Today

Nintendo Switch OLED
Could it be that the silicon shortage is finally ending and that scalpers have had their fill? No, sorry. Try hunting for a graphics card or a PlayStation 5 console and you'll see that neither of those are true. That said, Nintendo's flagship Switch OLED console is in stock at a few different places, suggesting that perhaps things are easing up a tad.

The Switch OLED is a different beast than the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but like those consoles, inventories have come and went at different times. Even as I started to write this article, the Switch OLED with Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con controllers went from in stock at Amazon to sold out when I refreshed the listing page, and then back in stock again. So time is of the essence when it comes to these restocks.

As of this writing, the Switch OLED with White Joy-Con controllers is still in stock at Amazon for MSRP ($349.99). Who knows for how much longer, but it's there now. You can also find both variants at a few other retailers right now. Here's a list...
The listings at GameStop are bit of wild cards. When I first loaded up the product page for the White Joy-Con model, it showed as out of stock, but then said two were available for delivery when I verified my address. Your mileage may vary.

Note that the stock designations are current snapshots and could change at any moment. If you click and the console is out of stock, it's worth periodically refreshing to see if it comes back, as discussed earlier.

If you do score one, you may want to pick up a microSD card to expand upon the built-in storage. To that end, you can find a SanDisk 128GB licensed for the Switch on sale for $19.97 at Amazon (save 43%). Bigger capacities are available too, including a SanDisk 256GB card for $41.99 (save 22%) and a SanDisk 512GB card for $95 (save 26%).

You don't have to limit yourself to licensed cards, and there are cheaper options if you don't. For example, you can grab a SanDisk Evo 512GB card for $59.99 at Amazon (save 25%).