8BitDo's Nintendo Switch Lite Controller Wields Dual D-Pads And Attractive Price

8bitdo lite nintendo switch lite 1
The Nintendo Switch Lite has been a surprise hit with gamers as a successful follow-up to the original Nintendo Switch (which itself was quite the blockbuster at launch). The Switch Lite is a more robust device that ditches the detaching Joy-Cons, kickstand and ability to dock with a TV.

However, gamers do get a smaller and lighter device, a slightly smaller display with greater pixel density, and a $100 price cut (making it $199). Now, the folks at 8BitDo are looking to build on the Switch Lite hype with the new 8BitDo Lite controller. Like the portable game console that it will be paired with, the 8BitDo Lite is diminutive in size and brings with it most of the functionality that you would expect from the standard Switch controllers.

8bitdo lite nintendo switch lite 2

The 8BitDo goes one step further than Switch Lite when it comes to the controller layout, as it replaces both the left and right analog thumbsticks with D-pads. For those that like that "retro feel" when it comes to gaming controller, this might be right up your alley. As an added bonus, you get to escape any future problems with the dreaded Joy-Con thumbstick drift that has plagued many gamers.

8bitdo lite nintendo switch lite 3

In keeping with the Switch Lite theme, the 8BitDo Lite is available in turquoise or yellow, which match two of the case colors options presented by Nintendo. While the controller is most obviously designed for working with the Switch Lite, it is also compatible with just about any platform including Windows PCs, macOS, Android, and even the Xbox One. You also have your choice of connecting with a gaming device either via Bluetooth or USB-C (which recharges the integrated 500 mAh battery.

The 8BitDo Lite is currently available for preorder priced at a relatively reasonable $24.99 from Amazon and will begin shipping on October 30th.