Nintendo SNES Games Could Be Heading To Switch Online Service

You never know what you might find when poking around the Internet. Case in point, a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing by Nintendo appears to suggest that old school SNES games could be headed to the Switch Online service, where several original NES already live. Wouldn't that be neat?

Nintendo has found numerous business opportunities with its retro game consoles and titles from yesteryear. Its NES Classic edition console was a breakout hit, followed by the SNES Classic. Now with the Switch and the accompanying online service, emulating old games is way to draw more players into ponying up for a subscription.

SNES Controller Diagram
Source: Nintendo (via FCC)

So, where does the SNES come into play? A member of the Resetera forums opted to receive alerts for any new Nintendo FCC ID filings, and he received one early this morning. What is of interest about the new filing is a diagram of what appears to be an SNES controller.

"Model HAC-042 so its for the Switch, so it looks like we will be getting SNES online/virtual console some time soon along with a Bluetooth controller!," the user noted.

It is hard to discern from the outline above, but the top section could either be home to ZL and ZR buttons, or a Joy-Con docking rail, as found on the wireless NES controllers for the Switch. My money (if I was placing a bet) would be on the latter.

As things stand currently, there are dozens of NES games available on the Switch Online service, including Metroid, Tecmo Bowl, Super Mario Bros., Kid Icarus, and many other popular games. Nintendo has committed to adding more on a regular basis. For example, Kung-Fu Heroes and Vice: Project Doom are both "coming soon."

Adding SNES games is a logical next step, and increases the value proposition of an online subscription. Pricing runs $3.99 per month, or users can opt for a discounted $7.99 rate for three months or $19.99 for 12 months. There is also an annual Family membership for $34.99, which includes access for up to eight people.