Nintendo Revolution Specs Revealed?

Well, not officially, but the latest rumor has the system's CPU clocked at 729MHz, and the GPU at 243MHz(Compared to the Gamecube's 485/162). Nintendo has repeatedly stated that they have no intention of waging any sort of hardware war with Sony or Microsoft.

"So, in terms of raw next-gen horsepower Revolution clearly can't compare with the Xbox 360's three symmetrical cores running at 3.2GHz or the PS3's Cell chip. But then again, Nintendo has repeatedly stressed that they aren't looking to compete with the tech heavies at MS and Sony. The result will likely be a system that pumps out near Xbox quality visuals but offers a very unique input device and new ways to play."

The problem with the industry these days, is numbers are an easy eye catcher. If Nintendo's Revolution is going to have a successful life span, it's going to need some extremely innovative games that make full use of Revolution's controller.