Nintendo Loses Wii U Controller Patent Infringement Case Against Philips In UK

Last month, news emerged that Philips was suing Nintendo over alleged patent infringements in the U.S., and the proverbial chickens are already coming home to roost in other countries. According to Reuters, Philips said it has won a patent suit in the UK (although no details about amounts for compensation have been shared).

The patents concern motion, gesture, and pointing control that Philips licenses to companies that make set-top boxes and game consoles, and the company has asserted that Nintendo has been using the technology in the Wii U without a functioning license agreement.

Wii U

Philips spokesman Bjorn Teuwsen told the outlet that the company had been trying to come to terms with Nintendo for the last several years, but failing that decided to resort to legal action. Philips started by filing suit in Germany and the UK in 2012, France last year, and the U.S. this spring.

That Philips has won one of those suits already does not bode well for Nintendo.