Halloween Treat: Nintendo And Lego Unveil Frightfully Fun Luigi's Mansion Sets

Lego Luigi's Mansion Sets
Talk about spooky-good timing: Nintendo and Lego waited for Halloween to announce an expansion of the Lego Super Mario collection with a trio of new Luigi's Mansions sets. It will be a few months before you can actually buy them (drats!), but they are coming for some "ghost-catching fun" with a handful of iconic characters from the popular franchise.

"All new sets come with their own series of unique challenges, giving fans a chance to dive into the world of Lego Super Mario with a Luigi’s Mansion twist and role play new storylines and challenges to collect as many coins as possible!," Lego says.

The biggest and priciest of the three of the Haunt and Seek Expansion Set ($79.99). It includes the necessary parts to create a ghost-battling and gem-hunting level with rotating hallways and strategically-placed hidden gems.

Each of the other two sets are a bit more affordable, including the Entryway Expansion Set ($39.99) and Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set ($29.99). So you're looking at about $150 for all three, if you want to go that route.

Lego Luigi's Mansion Set

To that end, Lego says you can connect all three sets, or build out custom Luigi's Mansions levels with any or all of the other Super Mario sets and characters. As for the new Luigi's Mansion sets, they contain "new immersive sounds and music," and a range of characters including King Boo, Polterpup, Bogmire, Toad, Boo, and more.

While announced on Halloween, there is a bit of a wait before they actually go on sale—they launch to retail on January 1, 2022. The timing feels strange, given the tail-end of the upcoming holiday season debut, by which point Halloween will be firmly in the rear-view mirror. Still, Lego and Super Mario are both super-popular, so we imagine these expansions will have no trouble finding buyers.