Nike's Cryptokicks NFT Sneakers Are Selling For Over $100K Because WTF

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Digital fashion brand RTFKT Studios has launched a brand new NFT called Nike CyrptoKicks, and people have been buying them for astounding price tags. The NFT's, or non-fungible tokens, were launched on NFT marketplace OpenSea, and are selling for as much as $100,000 and more.

Nike CryptoKicks is a new collection of customizable NFT sneakers, and is RTKKT's first big sneaker launch since being acquired by Nike last December. What sets the RTFKT Nike Genesis apart from others is that it is separate from the "skins" that can change its color and appearance. As of right now, those options in appearance are created by well-known designers. However, RTFKT plans on enabling other creators and influencers to be able to release their own Nike CryptoKicks in the future.

Over the weekend RTFKT saw people buying its 20,000 NFT sneakers for anywhere between $7,500 and $9,000 (2.5 to 3 ETH). But since then, prices have continued to go up as there are currently options selling for as much as $575,014.00 (200 ETH ), as can be seen in the picture below.

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Image Courtesy of OpenSea RTFKT

There are some vials that are more common than others, and others that are equipped with rare skins, which are going for mind-boggling prices. One pair has sold for $133,000 (45 ETH), while another Alien vial has sold for $449,000 (150 ETH). RTFKT says holders can perform certain online quests that will "evolve" the skins.

Adidas made its venture into NFT land in December, with its collection of 30,000 NFTs. It partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club and promised drops of both virtual and physical clothing, something also done by Gucci. As of right now, RTFKT has not divulged if there will be a similar option for its NFTs.

RTFKT Studios tweeted two days ago that buyers should not buy/bid on an equipped sneaker, stating, "The seller is able to unequip the sneaker after putting it on sale, or unequip before accepting an ETH bid and scam you." It recommends that you only buy/bid on skin vials sold on OpenSea, and are "Non Equipped Dunk".

While owners cannot wear their newly acquired digital sneakers in real-life, a Snapchat filter has been created that allows them to show off their snazzy sneakers in AR.

Where do you stand on NFTs, and would you stand in a digital pair of Nikes that cost over $100,000? Let us know in the comments.

Top Image Courtesy of RTFKT