Nike Launches GPS Apps for Runners

Nike this week launched its Nike+ GPS App into the App Store, a new piece of software that has grand aspirations of being a digital training tool for athletes. Runners who download the app can use their iPhone or iPod touch to visually map out their runs while tracking pace, distance, time, and calories burned, Nike says.

And if you're new to this whole running thing and can't seem to stay motivated, Nike offers instant motivational feedback from athletes like Paula Radcliffe and Lance Armstrong, as well as...Tracy Morgan? That's right, the former Saturday Night Live star and current 30 Rock comedian will apparently help keep you in the mindset to run.

"We are so excited to introduce the true 'Runner’s App' for iPhone combining the dynamic power and community of Nike+ with the user-friendly functionality of GPS and accelerometry," said Stefan Olander, VP, Nike Digital Sport. "We will continue to evolve the digital options we provide to runners so that their running experience is always unique and inspired."

If Tracy Morgan isn't your cup of tea, the app also comes with a "Challenge Me" feature that allows runners to, well, challenge themselves to run farther and faster than on previous runs.

The Nike+ GPS App is available now for a couple of bucks.