Nielsen: Android Tops in U.S. Smartphone Market, Apple Still Top Dog in Mobile Device Manufacturing

According to the most recent data from market research guru Nielsen, Google's mighty Android platform stands tallest in the U.S. smartphone space with a majority 39 percent share. That leaves Apple in an almost distant second place with 28 percent, and RIM clinging to relevance with a 20 percent stake.

Credit Android's success to Google's decision to make its open source operating system available to all handset manufacturers, as opposed to Apple, which is the sole maker of the iPhone. As such, Apple ranks as the top smartphone maker in the United States.

Image Credit: Android Wallpapers

Second to Apple is HTC, whose Android smartphones comprise 14 percent of the market, according to Nielsen. The company's Windows Mobile and WP7 devices account for another 6 percent. Meanwhile, Motorola maintains an 11 percent stake, while Samsung's Android (8 percent) and Windows Mobile and WP7 devices (2 percent) account for 10 percent of all smartphones in the U.S.