Microsoft’s Next-Gen Surface Laptop Could Tap AMD Picasso APUs

Tech journalist and author Brad Sams has published a book called "Beneath A Surface" which chronicles what Microsoft went through to bring the Surface line of products to market. Inside the book are some interesting claims about the future of Surface devices that would mark a big change for Microsoft. The biggest bombshell in the book is that Sams claims Microsoft and Intel are at odds with each other with Microsoft unhappy about the massive delays in the rollout of 10nm processors. While the 10nm chips are delayed, Microsoft has flatly denied that its 10nm process is dead despite some rumors claiming it was.

surface laptop 2 1

Sams claims that Microsoft is unhappy enough with things at Intel that it is considering rival AMD parts for a next-generation Surface Laptop that may launch in late 2019. The chips Microsoft is tipped to be eyeing for the Surface Laptop are AMD Picasso parts (APUs). With the Surface line of devices being popular and a very big deal for Microsoft, a move to an AMD processor would be a major win for AMD and a significant loss for Intel.

surface laptop 2 2

A move to AMD isn't the only rumor that Sams stokes in his book; he also claims that the Andromeda device that was supposed to be pocketable has transformed into a larger form factor, and the larger design might debut next year. Sams also alleges in his book that Microsoft will be rolling out a Surface monitor sometime in the 2020 realm. The big feature of the Surface Monitor will be a modular design of some sort that isn't elaborated on. Other interesting tidbits include a Surface-branded ambient computing device meant to bring Cortana into the office or home environment.

With Cortana bringing up the rear in the digital assistant world that device seems like something that would be hard pressed to find a place in the market of today.  Microsoft launched its Surface Laptop 2 only last month making October of 2019 seem like a good target date for the rumored AMD-powered mahcine to be unveiled.