Newbs Rejoice, Microsoft To Enable Windows 10 With Built-In Tech Support

Microsoft is giving us a lot to be excited about with the release of Windows 10 -- it's a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, it will introduce a brand new browser (Project Spartan), the return of the Start menu, universal apps, and a whole bunch more. Go ahead and add to the growing list built-in tech support.

Now before you go and pshaw this latest amenity, consider that even though you may know your way around Windows and are adept at troubleshooting issues as they arrive, your folks probably fall on the other end of the spectrum. Or your friends. Heck, be excited for anyone that often calls you at bizarre hours because they're having a "computer emergency" and require your pro bono tech support at once. See where we're going with this?

Contact Support

Here's the deal -- Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10, and with the new release comes an app called "Contact Support." The app brings up a new channel that empowers less savvy users to search for and ultimately fix PC problems and billing issues, on their own. Yes, ON THEIR OWN! That's probably a foreign concept to you if you're 'PC guy or gal' of the family.

The folks at Neowin played around with the app and report that it offers three options. They include My Device, Microsoft account and billing, and Microsoft online services. The My Device option lets users search through community forums, chat with a Microsoft Answer Tech, or have Microsoft give them a call, with an estimated wait time.

The billing option lets users make changes to their subscriptions, while the online services selection provides support for Skype, OneDrive, and so forth.