New Tool Tells You If Your ISP Blocks P2P

In the wake of the recent allegations that Comcast, the second largest ISP in the U.S., has been stopping or slowing P2P traffic, a new tool has been released that will allow users to discover for themselves if their own ISP is taking similar measures.

The tool was developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that aims to help users determine if they are the victims of data discrimination.

“The new software compares lists of data packets sent and received by two different computers and looks for discrepancies between what one sent and the other actually received. Previously, the process had to be done manually.”

In the case of Comcast, it is being reported that this very software utility confirms that the early AP reports were indeed correct: Comcast is interfering with some types of downloads.

Comcast continues to deny rumors of wrongdoing, though they have started canceling subscriptions of users who 'use too much' of their unlimited service.
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