New Mac Pro Mini In October?

There's nothing better than a good rumor, especially when it comes to new Apple gear.  It seems like the hype machines spool up a little earlier for the Apple crowd.  And why not, Apple certainly has been executing as of late.  Of course, we always love a good OS marketing war (it took you long enough, MS...) but that's a whole different can of worms we won't open here. Still, we can't help but chuckle, since like many of you who are "in the know", we also see the striking similarities between Macs and PCs these days.  After all, the hardware inside is now what we all can agree are "PC" components. Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that a possible October 14th Apple release would unveil a new product that is currently being referred to by the code name of "Brick".  Just what is the Brick?  Think of a Mac Mini but with a bit more juice and a few more features and I/O options that you wanted when you first looked at the Mini and thought, "what is this, a drink coaster?"

Mac Pro Mini concept art by
Erwan Hesry

Pretty spiffy, eh?  Just scroll down our main page a bit more and take a look at a currently released product from Dell.  Notice anything similar?  Nah... Of course this is all just rumor and speculation anyway.

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