New Lightsmark 2007 OpenGL Benchmark

While you're waiting for your Crysis downloads to finish (Don't be fooled, it's just a pre-load and store.  You have to wait until 11/16 for the ability to activate), you might want to check out the new Lightsmark OpenGL demo.  It's even got real-time global illumination and real-time Penumbra shadows... and stuff.


"Natural lighting makes artificial graphics life-like. Computers get faster, but rendering more polygons doesn't add value if lighting looks faked, so insiders know that the next big thing is proper lighting aka Realtime Global Illumination. Typical workloads in realtime rendering will shift. Lightsmark simulates it. Global Illumination renders often take hours. Is your computer fast enough for realtime?"

And who doesn't want to get their proverbial Penumbra shadows on a little bit, on a Saturday night?  Just remember to prenumbra in moderation, K?  Get it, here.

Tags:  benchmark, OpenGL, pen, light, Open, AR, K