New iPods To Be Revealed On The 5th?

We recently uncovered a few rumors regarding the next generation iPods that Apple is gearing up to launch soon.  Now we’re able to report that the ‘when’ would seem to be on September the fifth.

The event has been described by industry insiders as more than just a minor product launch or a product refresh.  These insiders are saying that Apple is treating this event as they typically do a major product launch, which might lend credence to the rumors that the new iPods will be featuring a scaled down version of OS X similar to that found in the iPhone.
“Four different models will be introduced next month, says AI, most of which will be NAND-flash-based and major evolutions of both the iPod video and iPod nano lines. Sources in the "far East" have allegedly seen fullscreen iPods that will have an OS that is based off of OS X. "What's interesting, however, is that the Apple has also been working on Mac OS-based iPod software for models that will retain their click-wheels—such as third-generation iPod nanos," writes Kasper Jade. "Interface concept videos recently published and then pulled from MacRumors consisted of genuine Apple material to this effect, AppleInsider can confirm."

Perhaps this means that both a fullscreen video iPod is in the works and a more "regular" video iPod, both based on OS X but with different designs for different purposes. Even if they aren't rolled out at once, this would fall in line with general expectations of the analyst and Mac communities.“
Apple has certainly demonstrated that they know how to make excellent portable media players, and if Apple is going to make a big poduction over the unveiling of this new technology, then it will certainly be worth waiting for.  The big question here is what feature(s) is Apple going to include?  WiFi?  All NAND?  Multi-touch would seem quite likely.

Often during these large scale events, Apple has at least one or two secret features and/or products that didn’t leak to the press prior to its announcement.  What kinds of secrets do you think Apple has up their sleeves this time?
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