New Intel Low Power CPUs To Spoil K10 Launch?

Between AMD's surprise SSE5 announcement and the official launches of Barcelona and Penryn, it's becoming difficult to tell who is doing the launch crashing these days. 

Right before Barcelona is due to launch, it looks like Intel is going to release a few power efficient CPUs riding the 1333MHz FSB.
"Intel has announced three new Core 2 Duo processors—the E6550 at 2.33GHz, the E6750 at 2.66GHz, and the 3GHz E6850. The new cores are being launched synonymously with Intel's Q35 chipset, the ICH9-D0 southbridge, and the new Intel network controller, the 82566DM. All three are running on Intel's new 1333MHz FSB and sport a 4MB L2 shared cache."
We're just waiting for Via to spoil all upcoming launches with the surprise announcement of a new native quad-core CPU that will support SS6 & SSE7 while using less power than a modern laptop CPU.  That launch would probably be spoiled by a return to the desktop CPU arena of Cyrix & Texas Instruments.
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