New Features, New Apps. Better Performance And More RAM Coming To Google Glass

Google may be whiffing badly in terms of marketing for Google Glass, but at least there are plenty of solid updates coming out, both in terms of the actual hardware and available apps.

Google noted in a Google+ post that it’s already improved battery life by 20% and increased voice search speed by 10% along with new frames, shades, and support for prescription lenses, but it’s also improving both the hardware and the user experience. There are more Google Now cards, and they added a little onscreen frame for the viewfinder to help you take better pictures.

Google Glass viewfinder

Perhaps most notably, new Glass devices will ship with 2GB of RAM.

There’s also new Glassware--12 new apps, to be exact. You can read through the full list in detail here, but they include the Runtastic personal trainer; 94Fifty Basketball trainer; a language teacher in Duolingo; the GuidiGO virtual tour guide; a zombie game; Shazam; and more.



As Google announced yesterday, Glass is also now coming to the UK.