New 20” iMacs To Start At $1,199

Apple has been working long and hard on a complete iMac overhaul, and we should be seeing the fruits of those labors soon. While there are very little facts about the new iMacs, there are plenty of rumors.

The latest rumor is that of a potential price drop for the entire family of iMacs. The new low-end 20” iMac will likely sell for $1,199. There's no word on exactly what that configuration includes, but if it proves to be similar to the last generation iMac, it would be logical to assume some form of integrated graphics and at least 512MB of RAM.

Current rumors would suggest that:
  • The 20” model will be the new “small” iMac
  • The 24” model will remain the large model
  • The designs are supposedly going to be made of aluminum, giving them a more "industrial" look
  • The new iMacs will likely run on the new new Napa platform
“The current 20-inch iMac sells for $1,499, meaning the new iMac will offer a $300 price drop on that display size, while the 24-inch iMac sees its price shaved $200 from $1,999 to $1,799.

The $1,499 iMac will likely feature a 20-inch display with upgraded specs.”

One possible reason for the price drop is that the new iMacs are slated to move down a bit to cover the low end of the market that the Mini will be vacating when it is put out to pasture sometime in the near future.

That could very well mean that the new $1,499 20” iMac would come with discrete graphics and more memory as it's primary features.
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