Classic Recreations' 815HP Continuation 1969 Boss 429 Mustang Debuts At SEMA 2018

Ask a few muscle car guys what car they would go back in time and buy if they could, and a handful of them would say the classic, and incredibly valuable, Ford Boss 429 Mustang from 1969. While you can't go back in time and get a brand-new original Boss 429, you can purchase one of the Ford approved continuation 1969 Boss 429 Mustangs from Classic Recreations. The company landed the rights to build these official continuation cars from Ford earlier this year.

boss 429 front

The car has officially debuted at SEMA 2018 and it looks almost exactly like the original car from 1969, with a few modern twists. The car starts with an original 1969 Mustang body that is restored to factory new condition before being tweaked into a Boss 429 with the big hood scoop the car is known for, new front bumper, 18-inch wheels, and Boss 429 stickers and logos.

boss 429 back

The interior of the car is packed with modern, retro looking hardware that looks right at home in a classic Mustang, including new seats that appear much more supportive than anything offered in the late '60s. Other touches inside the car include 200 mph Boss 429 gauges, aluminum steering wheel, air conditioning, and a custom console between the seats. The real heart of the car in 1969 was the massive 429 cubic inch engine that gave the special Mustang its name. As odd as it is to have a Boss 429 continuation car without a 429 cubic inch engine, Classic Recreations certainly gave its Boss 429 a serious heart.

boss 429 int

These cars get naturally aspirated 546 cubic inch, 8.9L V8 crate engines that make 815hp, the 2019 Roush Stage 3 Mustang packs a comparatively meek 710hp and needs a supercharger to get there. The transmission backing up all that power is a Tremec manual as standard, but you can get the car with an automatic. Rear suspension is a four-link setup with the front using tubular upper and lower control arms along with adjustable coil over dampers. The front and rear suspension also get anti-roll bars, and the chassis is reinforced to handle a more modern suspension and 815hp from that giant V8.

boss 429 roll

The most shocking part about Classic Recreations continuation Boss 429 cars is the price tag; one of these rides will set you back $209,000 for starters with options driving the price higher. However, when you consider that an original 1969 Boss 429 sold at a Barrett-Jackson Auction back in 2015 for $550,000, the continuation 1969 Boss 429 sounds like a relative bargain.

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