Netflix’s April Fools Surprise Comes A Week Late With Hilarious Apple Watch Parody

So picture this -- there's two dudes in a public restroom standing side-by-side at the urinals relieving themselves. The taller gentlemen on the left peeks over the barrier that separates the urinals and stares downward at the fellow on the right, giving him an approving nod. He's not checking out his neighbor's package, but his Netflix Watch, a smartphone shaped device that sits on your wrist like an enormous watch for ubiquitous access to Netflix's streaming catalog.

No, it's not a real thing, and oddly enough, Netflix waited a week after April Fool's Day to post the hilarious video on YouTube, which is an obvious spoof of the Apple Watch and the marketing that Apple has put into the product's forthcoming launch. Whatever, better late than never and all that jazz, and if you need a good laugh, the one minute spot will provide a few, save for the 49 sad individuals (or Apple employees) who gave the video a thumbs down.

Netflix Watch

"Experience total freedom with the all new Netflix Watch. Now you can view your favorite Netflix Originals directly from your wrist. Not only do you get a clear picture, quality streaming and your favorite shows and movies but it also isn't THAT inconvenient. So for a relaxing time, make it a Netflix time," the video's description reads.

If you really wanted to, we suppose you could find some deeper meaning here, perhaps a commentary on the irony of the smartphone killing demand for wrist watches, only to try and bring back the form factor with smart functions built in. Or take it a step further and read into the video as a protest against the Apple culture in which anything that comes out of Cupertino's headquarters is a must-have status symbol, no matter how redundant, restricted, or overpriced it might be.

Or you could just enjoy the video for what it is -- a short parody with a few good laughs. Your choice!