Netflix Working On 4K Content Streaming In the ‘Next Year or Two’

How’s your download speed? Netflix is already offering some new, bandwidth-hungry streams, and its plans for 4K content streaming will blow the roof off the bandwidth limits for many broadband customers. You can expect a higher broadband price when you go 4K, but the real fun will be in buying a 4K TV. Hopefully, we’ll see 4K TV prices drop a bit by then.

How does your ISP stack up in Netflix's streaming rankings? Image credit: Netflix

Of course, Netflix isn’t waiting around for 4K to attract new customers. The streaming video service announced new streams (Super HD and 3D) earlier this year. Those streams offer better definition and 3D content, but require between 5 and 12Mbps bandwidth from ISPs. If you’re looking for an ISP that can handle Netflix’s high-end streams, you can check out its ISP Speed Index. The tool shows you which ISPs are best suited to Netflix (according to Netflix, at least) and which ones aren’t. Right now, Google Fiber is at the #1 spot with a service-wide average of 3.35Mbps. That 4K streaming service is expected to consume as much as 35Mbps.