Netflix Updates Player For PS3 Consoles: Better Audio Management, Quicker Scanning

For Netflix users, there's hardly a better way to stream content than on Microsoft's Xbox 360. The user interface is fluid, and the console itself is plenty powerful to churn through the HD streams. But Sony's PlayStation 3 offers a similarly excellent experience -- one that's getting better as of today. Netflix admits that the PS3 is one of the "most popular ways" that its users consume TV and movies. With the new Player for PS3 update, you'll notice an updated design that is more consistent with the Netflix player on the Web as well as the company's mobile and tablet applications.

The key feature in this update is the ability to easily manage your audio and subtitles selections. You can now do that directly in the player on the PS3, without having to return to the browse experience. Here’s how it works: Select “Audio & Subtitles” and all options for that title are presented. Members who use the accessory Sony PS3 Blu-ray remote control can access “Audio & Subtitles” directly from the remote control by pressing “Subtitles.”

Furthermore, Netflix has improved the design and performance of the “trickplay” mode when scanning forward or reverse in play mode. The images load much faster, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for. Also, you can easily go back 10 seconds in the title anytime by simply pressing the left arrow button once on your controller or remote control. The updated Netflix player experience is available now on PS3 and will be coming soon to select Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. Tried it out yet? Let us know your opinions in comments.