Netflix Rolls Out Cheaper $6.99 Single Screen Viewing Plans For The New Year

Netflix is already dominant in the TV and movies streaming department, but like any good #1, the company is always looking for more ways to maintain its edge. To wit, Netflix is testing a $6.99 streaming plan, which is a dollar per month cheaper than its current least expensive offering.

Some users can spot the option if they try and sign up for the $7.99 free monthlong trial; the $7.99 tier offers you streaming on up to two simultaneous screens in high or standard definition, while the $6.99 plan allows you to stream on one screen at a time--in standard def only. There’s also an $11.99 option if you want to be able to stream to four devices at the same time.

Netflix $6.99 streaming plan
Credit: TechCrunch

Everyone loves options, and having a slightly cheaper plan is a good one, although it would seem that its use case is somewhat limited. One such potential use is for those who primarily watch their stuff on smartphones and tablets. High-definition displays are commonplace on mobile devices these days, but a standard-def stream makes sense for those worried about their data plans.

Again, this option isn’t being offered to everyone just yet, and Netflix may not ever roll it out to all users, but if Netflix likes what it sees from the test run the $6.99 tier might become a standard option.