Netflix Subscribers Riled Up, Up to 41 Percent Plan to Cut Ties

Netflix is in the business of making money, not friends, and it's a good thing too. If Netflix were trying to make friends, it would be safe to say the hybrid DVD-by-mail rental / streaming service failed miserably when it jacked up prices by as much as 60 percent earlier this week. News of the updated pricing tiers sent immediate shock waves through the online community, and in a recent poll, some 41 percent of Netflix subscribers said they plan to cancel.

Business Insider pinged its readers on how they plan to change their Netflix plan with the updated prices, and 41 percent of the 1,327 respondents said they're going to outright cancel. Another 35 percent said they plan to drop to the $7.99/month streaming-only plan, and 8 percent are interested in just DVDs (also $7.99/month).

The reaction to Netflix's price hike has been mostly negative all over the Web, with over 10,000 comments made on Netflix's own blog post announcing the change.

What do you think of the new pricing tiers? Do you plan to cancel?