New Netflix Playback Controls Could Bring The One Feature You've Been Waiting For

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Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services on the planet with hordes of users streaming through their TVs, computers, and mobile devices. Netflix is adding a new feature for users on Android devices that allow them to increase or decrease the streaming speed of the show they're watching. The new control allows 0.5x or 0.75x for slower motion viewing, which could be very beneficial to those with hearing issues or those watching content in non-native languages.

Netflix is also allowing users to speed up content by 1.25x or 1.5x times for faster viewing. Faster speeds could certainly help users get through their binge-fest more quickly. Android users get these new playback speed control options on both streaming and downloaded content. Users do have to opt in to use the playback speed controls with every single title watched.

That is a good thing because while users may want to watch a cooking show at a higher speed, regular or even slower speeds may be better for subtitled content. Having to opt-in on a per-show basis means that all content will play at regular speeds unless the viewer chooses otherwise. The feature is expected to roll out starting today, and Netflix users on Android devices could have the speed controls available now.

All subscribers around the globe will have access to the new speed controls in the coming weeks. Some content creators, including major directors and actors, have spoken out against Netflix's speed controls. They feel the delivery service shouldn't get to change how content is presented. Netflix says it has worked to ensure content changed using its new speed controls has the same audio quality as the original.

Netflix's new controls will be welcome by many as more and more people around the globe are spending time watching movies at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns. So many people are stuck at home streaming Netflix that it and other major streaming video companies agreed to streaming quality reductions in Europe to help ease Internet congestion.