Netflix Offers New Feature To Help Mobile Users Consume Less Data

As more and more wireless carriers impose caps on data plans, customers are becoming increasingly aware of how much data they are consuming on their mobile devices. Recognizing that streaming video can quickly gobble up one’s monthly allotment, Netflix is working to help users with a new feature that lets you change video quality.

Although you might not get as good of quality video if you turn the settings down, you will save bandwidth from your mobile data plan. The feature is appropriately called “Manage Video Quality” and is specifically aimed at 3G and 4G users who don’t have an unlimited data plan.

Netflix has rolled out this feature over the last week or so in the United States. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t gotten the feature, however, since it has only been rolled out on a limited test basis. Since March, the feature has been available in Canada where data caps tend to be lower.

To see if you have access to the feature, log in to Netflix and click on Your Account & Help. Look for the section called Watching Instantly On Your TV or Computer and then click on the link to Manage Video Quality. Three video quality settings will be available: Good (up to 0.3GB per hour), Better (up to 0.7GB per hour), and Best (up to 1GB per hour, or up to 2.3GB per hour for HD).