Netflix For Android Adds Three More Phones

The upside to having Netflix on Android? Well, that's pretty obvious. The downside? It's only available on select phones. At first, it looked like the LG Revolution may be the only phone of the season to support Netflix, but a recent update to the app within the Android Market has added support for three additional phones. The new kids? That would be the Motorola Droid and Casio G'zOne Commando and the Revolution -- which oddly enough was the phone used to demonstrate Netflix on Android back at Mobile World Congress, but not the first to actually garner support.

The grand total of supported phones is now up to eight: the three we just mentioned, and the Droid Incredible, Nexus One, EVO 4G, T-Mobile G2 and Samsung Nexus S. Aside from adding support for more phones, the app also lists a few bugfixes. If you've got one of these new phones, and you've got a Netflix account that you should be making the most of, get the download going!