Netflix Downloader App Unsurprisingly Goes Offline Following Trademark Violation

There are some things that you can see from a mile way. A raging wildfire with billowing smoke, for example. Another is the inevitable demise of "Free Downloader for Netflix," an authorized third-party tool that enabled Netflix users to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing. The developers behind the tool have yanked it offline and are no longer developing future versions following a trademark complaint.

While the third-party developers were not necessarily being malicious in developing such an app, Netflix would prefer to handle things on its own. The problem is that Netflix is taking a long time to give customers what they want. To Netflix's credit, it recently rolled out a download option for Netflix subscribers, but it only works through its app on iOS and Android. In other words, only mobile users need apply—anyone with a Windows 10 laptop is out of luck.


That is where DVDVideoSoft came into the picture. It developed the first Windows application that enabled users to easily download Netflix videos to their PCs for offline viewing. If a person was headed out on a long flight or going somewhere that lacked sufficient Internet connectivity, the download tool allowed that person to plan ahead of time by grabbing content to view later, such as the first two seasons of Narcos.

The quality of the downloaded video was not all that great, but it served its purpose. Nevertheless, it apparently did not sit well with Netflix.

"The development of Free Downloader for Netflix is discontinued by a third-party request. The program is not available for download now," a message on the product's website reads.

DVDVideoSoft said it received the complaint fro Netcraft, which accused the developers of using Netflix trademarks without permission. The letter must have sound pretty threatening as DVDVideoSoft could have simply removed the infringing trademarks, but it opted to cease development altogether.