Netflix Downloader Tool Claims To Let Users Download Any NFLX Video For Offline Viewing

Have you ever wanted to watch something from Netflix while on a plane, but did not want to pay the ridiculous price for WiFi? A new downloader tool may be the solution. "Free Netflix Downloader" allows users to download movies and television shows from Netflix for offline viewing.

Free Netflix Downloader was developed by DVDVideoSoft for Windows. According to DVDVideoSoft’s “Alex”, “[It is intended for] users with slow Internet connections, for those who like to store everything on their computer, for those who don’t have smart TVs; it’s also great for downloading a whole series season at a time.”


The tool supports multiple downloads at a time and most downloads only take a few minutes. Users enter the video url after logging into Netflix, and the software proceeds to download the material. Users can also convert the output files to AVI, MP3, or another format that is optimized for iOS devices. Even the tool’s creators, however, acknowledge that the video quality is quite low. The developer’s hinted that video quality may improve over time.

Netflix introduced download and offline playback this past November. This feature however is only available on Netflix apps for iOS and Android platforms. Netflix, however, does offer both lower and high quality downloads, depending on the user’s amount of available storage.

netflix offline streaming

Customers can also only download and offline stream a limited amount of content. Some of the materials available on Netflix for offline viewing include Netflix-original series, The Office, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Pulp Fiction, and Good Will Hunting. This selection should increase as Netflix works out licensing rights. The Free Netflix Downloader tool works on anything available on Netflix.

It is important to note that this application falls into a legal grey area. Those who download and use the tool could be violating Netflix’s terms of service. HotHardware does not condone illegal copyright behavior and would advise anyone interested in the tool to proceed with caution.