Netflix Dominates Bandwidth Usage With YouTube Distant Second

When it comes to downstream internet traffic, the streaming-video service continues to dominate by a large amount. Netflix alone, at the top of the list, accounts for 34.89 percent in North America according to the latest report from broadband networking company Sandvine. In second place is YouTube with 14.04 percent.

Netflix has maintained that usage amount for the past six months, with a slight increase from 34.21 percent, with YouTube gaining almost one percent during the same time period. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Instant Video has been growing slowly and accounts for 2.58 percent. It isn’t a lot, but for the company it is good news considering that this number almost doubled over the past 18 months from 1.9 percent. Facebook, the only non-streaming or downloading service in the report, continued to grow slowly as well from 1.99 percent six months ago to 2.98 percent now.

New Sandvine Chart

While HBO Go did not make it onto Sandvine’s chart, the company seems to have some hope for the service which only accounts for 1 percent at the moment. Back in October, HBO announced that it would be breaking out with its own standalone streaming service.

"With both Netflix and Amazon Instant Video gaining bandwidth share in North America during 2014, it will be fascinating to see how a standalone HBO Go streaming option will impact networks when it launches in 2015," said Sandvine chief executive Dave Caputo.

As for services such as iTunes, Hulu, and BitTorrent, they have all seen declines over the past six months. Hulu dropped from 1.74 percent usage to 1.41 percent, iTunes dropped from 3.64 percent to 2.77 percent, and even BitTorrent saw a decrease from 3.4 percent to 2.8 percent.