Netflix Discovers Blockbuster, You Discover $1

Online video rental service Netflix noticed that their big rival for your rental dollar, Blockbuster, was wooing away their customers with lower prices. So Netflix is lowering the cost of two of their most popular subscription plans to match Blockbuster's prices.

With the reductions announced Sunday, Netflix will charge $16.99 per month for subscribers who keep up to three DVDs at a time with no limit on how frequently the discs are mailed back in return for another movie. The price to keep one DVD at a time will fall to $8.99 per month.

The price cuts, which take effect Tuesday, match Blockbuster's fees for similar online services.

Earlier this year, Netflix knocked $1 off two other plans that had cost $14.99 and $5.99 per month.

I don't have either plan, but if they were willing to send me a dollar, I'd be willing to watch "Troy."