Netflix Could Gain Disc-Free PS3 Functionality Soon

Do you enjoy using Netflix on your PlayStation 3? It's a great service, and it's a great addition to an already powerful and flexible console. But one thing annoys us: it requires a specific Netflix disc in order to work. If you misplace your disc or head over to a friend's home without it, your PS3 simply cannot access Netflix. And considering that the Xbox 360 can access Netflix without any kind of special disc, this makes it that much harder to swallow.

But according to Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings, PS3 owners won't have to deal with this frustration for too much longer. In the company's most recent conference call to discuss their quarterly earnings, Reed stated that he hopes to luanch "a new version of our Sony PS3 user interface which doesn't require a disc, and is dynamically updated continuously with the latest Netflix UI improvements."

We do as well. According to reports, this new functionality could come as early as October, which would enable Sony to market their PS3 as an even more direct threat to the Xbox 360 in the upcoming holiday sales season. In related news, Reed is also planning to watch for what consumers like and don't like about Hulu Plus, and eventually incorporate some of that feedback into their own products. It's too early to tell just how much Netflix will be changing over the next year, but as cable and satellite providers begin to offer more and more PPV/movies, Netflix will have to up their game if they hope to compete with services that most Americans already have at their disposal.