Netflix App Arrives On iPad, Coming Soon For iPhone And iPod Touch

Much like Google, Netflix is taking over the world. In fact, we'll go ahead and surmise that Google will buy Netflix within the next year. Now that our wild (and not serious) prediction is out there, there actually is some news on the Netflix front. First off, the company's "Watch Instantly" streaming service will be debuting on the iPad, a feat that many thought impossible just a few months ago.

When Apple introduced the iPad, the inability to stream Hulu and Netflix was a big downer, but on the very day that the iPad launched, Netflix has announced that an iPad is available for users to stream their queue right to their new tablet. This is a huge win for Apple, and an even bigger win for Netflix customers who were on the fence about an iPad purchase. Being able to watch videos from your queue right on the iPad, on your bed or sofa, is what this device was made for. Obviously there are concerns about streaming over 3G (the 3G model isn't out yet; it's Wi-Fi or bust for now), but we suspect those who are holding out for the 3G model will find out the answers later this month.

In other news, existing iPod touch and iPhone users aren't being left out. Netflix has also announced that an app for iPhone and iPod touch users is in the works, though no exact release date has been mentioned. We suspect there are more hoops to jump through for that one, particularly since the iPhone has a 3G connection already. We sure hope that the iPhone version of the app will stream over 3G, but based on the past, we aren't going to get our hopes up too high. So much for going outside this summer, right?