Netbook Evolved: ASUS Transformer Book T100 Windows 8.1 Hybrid Review

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 packs an impressive list of features into a diminutive chassis and companion keyboard dock. After working with system, it's clear that ASUS is hoping to capture lightning in a bottle, for the second time...

It has been six years since ASUS launched the first Eee PC and kicked off a miniature revolution in mobile computing. Eee PC models weren't fast, they weren't particularly well-featured, and they didn't have the best displays. Even so, these lightweight boxes were the harbingers of the netbook bonanza that kicked off in earnest with the launch of Intel's Atom processor (codename: Silverthorne).

The Transformer Book T100 isn't a netbook but it's impossible to look at the system and not see netbook DNA. Don't be fooled. This is the evolved form -- the fully upgraded Zergling (minus the troublesome lemon juice allergy). It avoids the problems that dogged the launch of early Windows 8 tablets and convertibles last year and presents a far saner, smarter idea of what an inexpensive combination device should look like at this price point.