Neoseeker 3 way HD Cooler/Silencer Shootout, MSI RS480M2-IL

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Niveus Media Center Now Available at Select Audio/Video Retailers

Now Available at select Audio/Video retailers; the Niveus Media Center – Denali Edition with HDTV, featuring Windows (R) XP (R) Media Center Edition 2005 and the Niveus A/V-style chassis.

Santa Clara, CA, 16 June 2005 – Niveus Media, Inc., manufacturer of media entertainment devices for the high-end audio/video market , has announced that its Denali Edition media center based on the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 operating system is now available directly from the company's website and from select retailers, including Magnolia Audio/Video and Tweeter.

"We're pleased to announce that the Denali Edition is now available to both the tech-savvy consumers who prefer to purchase products via the web and the high-end audio/video consumers who enjoy receiving a live demo of the product before purchasing," said Tim Cutting, CEO of Niveus Media. "The Denali Edition, with its silent, fanless construction, exotic metalwork and high-end rear A/V ports is unique enough that many need to see the product in person to appreciate the craftsmanship that went in to the design and manufacturing of this product. In addition to the Magnolia and Tweeter showrooms, customers will benefit from knowledgeable sales consultants, and award winning installation services."

The award-winning Niveus Media Center goes well beyond any other media center on the market. The "Denali Edition" has the attributes of high-end A/V gear, including an A/V-style form-factor, silent operation enabled by the passive cooling technology, and a complete A/V rear panel of high-quality connections, including gold-plated RCA and BNC connectors for Component Video. Additionally, the "Denali Edition" is built with only the highest quality audio and video components, including television tuners, and video processing certified by the Image Science Foundation (ISF).1

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Neoseeker 3 way HD Cooler/Silencer shootout @ Neoseeker

"When it comes to the three products' silencing abilities, not much can be said for the Xilencer. Rather than silencing the drive, it actually amplified its vibrational and operating noise, just as I had suspected. The two large metal covers, making direct contact with the drive, act as amplifiers. Padding is a must if there is to be a reduction in noise for such a small enclosure."

MSI RS480M2-IL Motherboard @ PCStats

"I think it's safe to say that ATi actually has a leg up on the competition when it comes to graphics integration. Intel and VIA have been producing decent performing budget chipsets but the two company's integrated graphics options are still lousy on the 3D front. ATi traditionally has excellent 2D/3D image quality and as we've seen so far, it's integrated Radeon IGP is a solid performer good enough for the casual gamer. "

Mushkin Redline XP4000 Memory Review @ Legit Reviews

"This time around Mushkin has secured a number of Winbond based UTT IC's that have been packaged and put on some Brain Power 815 PCB's. The end result was not only a new part number, but a whole new memory series called Mushkin Redline XP (Extreme Performance). Today, we take a look at their XP4000 2-2-2 Redline memory and see if it is all that Mushkin says it to be..."

XGI VolariT V8 AGP Review @ MVKTech

"XGI offers mainstream features combined with the best possible value. How does this value apply and at what levels? While the gamers hold a substantial amount of the market share, XGI has quietly secured the corporate market needs from enterprise wide environments to educational and governmental establishments, effectively solidifying relations with mega manufacturers right on down to local establishments with cost effective solutions that span the world."

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