'Need For Speed' Reboot Heading This Fall To PS4, Xbox One, PC

As short as the new Need for Speed trailer is, it tells you everything you need to know about the franchise reboot. In just 34 seconds, your blood will be pounding and you’ll be ready to open your wallet. Alas, the latest Need for Speed is being developed and won’t be out until closer to the end of the year. EA just dropped this teaser to whet our appetites, and it’s working.

Need for Speed is coming, but not fast enough!

Speedhunters.com released the Need For Speed trailer, which is fitting – the car culture website was originally created to promote the franchise. It has since gathered its own following of car enthusiasts and routinely reports on races and cars around the world.

Although few details have been released about the game, it’s expected to arrive in the fall for the Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One, and, of course, PCs. EA says the footage is all from the game, which is impressive. As fun as the action in the trailer is, it’s the graphics that are really stunning here: the water glistening on the cars and roads looks positively real.

If you haven’t already, check out Speedhunters for a slick Need for Speed background and some behind-the-scenes photos.