Navigon Plans MobileNavigator for iPhone

It looks like TomTom won’t be the only manufacturer offering a GPS app for the iPhone. Navigon recently announced plans to offer two GPS applications for the iPhone this summer. One version of the Navigon app will offer turn by turn directions as well as many of the high-end features found on a portable navigation device such as views of highway signs at complex intersections and lane guidance. The Lite version of the software will offer map views and points of interest but no turn by turn directions.

Michael Hoffman, head of Navigon's corporate communications, claims Navigon will be the first provider of a navigation application for the iPhone. In fact, the application is ready for launch and should be available the day after OS 3.0 becomes available.

The Navigon iPhone app will be a version of Navigon’s MobileNavigator. This software can display points of interest along a path and also offers day and night modes. By turning the iPhone 90 degrees, the display will switch from landscape to portrait mode. With MobileNavigator, you’ll be able to navigate to any address saved in your contact list. Should you receive a call while navigating, the navigation will automatically resume when the call ends.

Navigon exited the U.S. personal navigation market recently, but the company continues to supply devices overseas. The company plans to provide GPS applications for the Android platform. It is also looking into the possibility of supporting the new Palm Pre. Navigon currently offers navigation software for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

Pricing for the full featured version of Navigon’s MobileNavigator has not been announced. There will be separate U.S. and Canadian versions. The Lite version is expected to be offered at no charge. The app from Navigon will require an iPhone 3G with the Apple 3.0 OS or the new iPhone 3G S.

It’s been reported that TeleNav also plans to develop an iPhone app. No delivery date for the TeleNav app has been given. TeleNav currently has partnerships with several wireless providers, including AT&T, who markets the software on several of its handsets under the AT&T Navigator brand. This service from AT&T requires a monthly subscription fee. Some have speculated that TeleNav may be planning a similar partnership with AT&T for the iPhone.