Native Visual Voicemail Support Coming To Android M Dialer App

I can't imagine that many people like messing around with their voicemail. Be it a lack of patience or laziness, I cringe anytime I receive one and am forced to fiddle about in the awkward interface, trying to remember the buttons I have to press to achieve a certain action.

In this particular scenario, Android M is going to help. At least, if your carrier supports it. As you can see in the shot below, a custom interface can be seen for voicemail rather than the hum-drum black screen. From within this interface, you'll be able to easily choose a message to listen to, see who it's from, and delete it.

Android Voicemail

This is a simple feature overall, but one that seems long overdue. What's concerning at this point is that this interface might not be accessible to all, but we'd hope that it will be available to most -- or, at least that carriers won't take long to support it.

The most recent developer preview of Android M came out last week, which introduced this voicemail feature. There's no telling when the final version will drop, but given it was announced this past May, it seems likely that it will in the early fall. And it's highly likely that the long-rumored Huawei-produced Nexus smartphone will be headliner for the new operating system.