Next Gen Huawei Nexus Sports 5.7-inch Display, Snapdragon 820 And Metal Body

Nexus fans who have been following the rumors have heard that Google's tapping two different manufactures for its next generation offerings. One is South Korean outfit LG Electronics, a familiar partner of Google's that is supposedly working on the Nexus 5 (2015 model), and the other is Huawei, which has been linked to a bigger size Nexus device to succeed the Nexus 6.

With regards to the latter, famed leaker Evan Blass (you may know him better by his Twitter handle, @evleaks) posted to Twitter a few specs for the Huawei Nexus. According to Blass, Huawei's phablet-sized device will sport a 5.7-inch QHD display powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chipset. It will also feature a fingerprint reader and metal body construction, and ship out to consumers sometime in the fourth quarter.

Nexus 6
Huawei is rumored to working on the successor to the Nexus 6

Normally we'd advise taking these things with a grain of salt, and technically, you still should. After all, nothing is official until Google says so, through short of that, Blass is about as reliable as it gets in the rumor circuit.

The interesting side story here is that Google is partnering up with Huawei, a major force in the Chinese market. Huawei is a name that was also linked to the Nexus 6, though Google ended up going in a different direction (Motorola).

Huawei is an up and coming force in the Android space and, by some counts, the third largest smartphone maker in the world. It's also highly interested in competing on U.S. soil where it's brand recognition isn't as strong as it is in China. However, that could change pretty quick if a Huawei-built Nexus device lives up to expectations and wins fans over.